Award-winning cheeses, made by hand.  

All of our cheeses start from the best milk.  Rotational grazing on organic, pesticide-free pasture means our animals produce sweet and rich milk that changes day to day, season to season.  

Raw, unpasteurized milk possesses all the natural bacteria and enzymes that make it taste uniquely of our corner of Vermont, and it's up to our cheesemakers to corral all of that complexity into a few incredible cheeses every day.  

Our team of cheesemakers is led by our creamery director Leslie Goff Tyminski, who started part-time on the farm when she was fifteen.  All of our cheeses are made using non-GMO microbial (vegetarian) rennet. It is  is hooped, pressed, brined, washed and aged in our state-of-the-art three-vat creamery, built into the cellar of a 1920s dairy barn.  

Everything we make is aged on site, in one of our five cheese caves, also built into the same barn.  (It doesn't hurt that one of the co-owners is a Cambridge-trained architect)