Meet the Team

Photo Credit: Brian Jenkins

Photo Credit: Brian Jenkins

Leslie Goff Tyminski, Creamery Director

Leslie started at Consider Bardwell Farm as a 15-year-old looking for an after-school job so she could purchase a pink pickup truck and support her equine habits. After working alongside Peter Dixon and with Margaret Morris of Glengarry Cheesemaking, she realized her love of cheese and interest in supporting local farms. She has worked diligently to perfect CBF’s cheeses along with managing a hard-working team.

Leslie has completed course work for the Vermont Institute of Artisanal Cheesemaking at UVM and The School of New American Farmstead Cheese at Sterling College, Craftsbury, Vermont. She has been overseeing the Consider Bardwell Creamery for the past 6 years.

She lives in rural Vermont, with her husband Tory, two dogs, two horses, ten goats, and a wether named Geoffrey who was Consider Bardwell’s first born goat and he’s now 15-years-old!

Peg Galloup, Food Safety Manager

Peg Galloup started making cheese for CBF in 2004. She completed the Advanced Certification Program at the Vermont Institute of Artisanal Cheese at University of Vermont and went on to establish a learning center for dairy farming and cheese making in Manchester, VT.  She returned to Consider Bardwell in 2015 to continue in her passion of making fine cheeses, working with quality dairy goats, and to manage Food Safety for the creamery and farm.

Peg enjoys ballroom dancing, which she took up to master a more graceful gait while maneuvering her feet over and around cheese room obstacles in over-sized boots!  Big Band or Blues is perfect tempo for dancing with cheese.

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Hadley Stock, Farm Manager

Hadley, a native of Southern Vermont, has been a friend and neighbor of the farm for many years.  She, her husband, and three children own and operate their own farm where they raise pigs using silvopasture practices along with feeding them whey from Consider Bardwell Farm.  She and her husband, Mike, joined the Consider Bardwell farm team with big ideas for a bright sustainable future. Her past work in the food industry as a caterer and food truck owner has brought her to appreciate working with food from the source and the importance of quality, starting with animal welfare.


Peter Henry, Director of SALES and Marketing

Peter took over our NYC Greenmarket management in 2014 after serving and tending bar at Blue Hill Restaurant in New York City. He grew our farmers' market coverage from 6 to 16 markets per week building on a commitment to hospitality and a newly-discovered knack for logistics.  In 2018, he started handling regional, and then national wholesale and marketing efforts. He still oversees our NYC farmers market operations but sorely misses his Greenmarket regulars.  

Peter hails from Pittsburgh, PA, attended Grinnell College in Iowa, and has lived in Brooklyn since 2009.  He booked and ran a student concert venue in Grinnell, IA, practices saxophone in the CBF hay loft, plays hockey in the streets of Manhattan, and loves making chicken stock.  

Angela Miller, Co-founder and Owner

Angela and her husband, Rust Glover, purchased the farm in 2001 and opened the creamery in 2004.  Both have worked to make CBF a nationally recognized brand of fine cheeses. Angela’s lifelong passion for cheese and sustainable farming practices has brought CBF’s artisanal cow and farmstead goat cheeses, as well as the 305 acres of pasture, hayland and forests, numerous awards, medals, ribbons, and press coverage.  

Angela grew up in rural Pennsylvania and, after college in California and England, became a book editor and literary agent in New York City. She is a founding partner at Miller Bowers Griffin Literary Management where she works with many celebrated culinary writers and chefs, as well as many literary authors.

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Rust Glover, Co-founder and Owner

Rust and Angela have run CBF together since 2001. He is a self-described grumpy Englishman who has  made the most of his Cambridge University architectural degrees by designing and building our creamery and ripening caves in a whimsical maze of rooms within a century-old barn – and by providing the elbow grease and sweat equity capable only of a thrifty entrepreneur.  

He steers two parallel careers – residential and commercial architect in NYC and the Hamptons and Chief Infrastructure Officer of Consider Bardwell Farm. He lives with his cherished rescue dog, Rambler, who is his sidekick in all endeavors.