Meet the Cheeses

While you might recognize some of these styles of cheese, they are unique to our milk, our caves, and our farm. These are handmade cheeses that are meant to keep to their identities, while still expressing seasonality and the complexity of our milk.  





Barden Blue



  • Good Food Award Winner, 2018 - Rupert

  • Vermont Cheesemakers Festival People’s Choice Winner, 2017 & 2018 - Pawlet

  • 24 American Cheese Society Award Winners, including Third Place Best in Show, 2009 - Rupert

  • 15 “Big E” Gold Medals

  • Four U.S Cheese Championship Winners

  • Six World Cheese Championship Winners

  • 2013 Vermont Sustainable Agriculture Farm of the Year

raw cow cheeses


raw cow's milk, semi-firm, aged 3-5 months
microbial rennet

Pawlet is a cheese unlike any other.  Mild, sweet, and grassy.  Wildly expressive of the season's milk while staying true to who it is.  Our most widely-available cheese and a crowd favorite.  

Try Pawlet with: Whole grain mustard, toast, and a wheat beer.  

10 lb wheels or vacuum-sealed half wheels.  available year-round

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raw cow's milk, washed rind, aged 60 days
microbial rennet

A soft ripening cheese with a rich, buttery texture and seasonally influenced pungency. An elegant appetizer or dessert, often served here in the historic village of Dorset, VT. 

Try Dorset with: Honey, apples, and a bubbly wine.

2 lb wheels. available year-round

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raw cow's milk, firm, aged 7-9 months
microbial rennet

A "whale of a cheese" inspired by Gruyère and Comté. These 25-pound wheels age a minimum of six months, with a sharpness and complexity that gains with time. 

Try Rupert with: Cured meat, dried apricot, and a dry riesling.

18 to 22 lb wheels, also available as vacuum-sealed half- and quarterwheels.  available year-round



raw cow's milk, firm, aged 14-18 months
microbial rennet

We love every wheel of Rupert equally, but some promising wheels fit a certain flavor profile that we know could turn into something even greater.  Those wheels are set aside like treasured vintages, and released when they're ready.  

18 to 22 lb wheels.  limited availability.  

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802 Blue

raw cow's milk, blue, aged 3 months
microbial rennet

There aren't a lot of small-format, natural-rind raw milk blues out there, and we think 802 Blue is shaping up to be one of the best.  Approachable, sweet and peppery, this cheese can change what you think a blue can be.  

Try (802)-Blue with: Figs, balsamic vinegar, and your favorite desert wine.  

2.5 lb wheels. available year-round

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raw goat cheeses


raw goat's milk, firm, aged 3 months
microbial rennet

Manchester is an earthy, mushroomy,  mellow meditation on the complexity and seasonality of pasture-raised goat's milk.   It's truly unique to our farm-- rustic and grassy, but surprisingly sweet and mellow for a raw milk goat cheese.  

Try Manchester with: Toasted almonds, salad greens, and a light red wine.  

3 lb wheels. Limited availability June through March.

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raw goat's milk, firm, aged 6 months
microbial rennet

Danby started like we did: only at the farmers market, and not too refined.  As we learned, we gained the technique, the passion, and the extra goat milk to turn Danby into something special.  Now we find nuances of vanilla, salted caramel, and browned butter, smoothed by time like marble striations.  Named for the quarries of Danby, Vermont, this cheese is just as unique to our corner of the world.  

Try Danby with: Dried fruit, salami, and a crisp white wine.  

7 lb wheels. Limited availability July through March.

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raw goat's milk, semi-soft, aged 2 months
microbial rennet

Slyboro shares a cave with Dorset for two months, where it's washed in brine three times a week, and ripened until it's just a little soft near the rind.  It's lightly sweet, with notes of caramelized onion and apple. 

Try Slyboro with: Pears, chestnuts, and a crisp pilsner.  

2 lb wheels. Limited availability May through February.

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A crown Finish Caves Collaboration

Raw cow and goat milk, natural rind, aged 4-6 months
microbial rennet

Goatlet is an 80/20 blend of our raw cow and goat milk that is aged by our friends at Crown Finish Caves.  It's based on the recipe for Pawlet, but with an added dimension of complexity and notes of lemon cream pie.

Try Goatlet with: Caramel and a Saison beer

10 lb wheels, Limited seasonal availability from Crown Finish Caves

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A crown Finish Caves Collaboration

Pasteurized cow's milk, washed rind, aged 60 days
microbial rennet

Barkeater leaves the farm when it's just a kid to be raised by our friends in Brooklyn at Crown Finish Caves.  There, it's wrapped in spruce bark from the Adirondacks, aged in their lagering tunnels, and ends up gooey and spoonable, tasting like rustic, buttery, smoked meat. 

Try Barkeater with: Caramelized onion, cornichons and a red Cote du Rhone. 

11 oz ovals, available year-round from Crown Finish Caves

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Cavemaster Reserve barden Blue
A Murray's Cheese Collaboration

Raw cow's milk, blue, aged 2 months
microbial rennet

Barden Blue grew out of many dinners and field trips to the farm with the team at Murray's Cheese, one of our earliest believers.  Over the years, we've compared notes and made cheese together to figure out how to express the best of both our milk and Murray's Cavemaster Reserve aging program.  Barden is floral, chocolate-sweet and just a little peppery.

Try Barden with: Dark chocolate, honey, and a stout beer. 

2 lb wheels, available year-round from Murray's Cheese

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