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You are always welcome to pay us a visit. Our corner of Vermont is a quiet, beautiful getaway any time of year.  Please note: our farm store will be closed for the winter while we take care of some renovations.

Consider Bardwell Farm
1333 VT Rt 153
West Pawlet, Vermont 05775


By Train:

While the closest Amtrak station is Fort Edwards/Glen Falls NY, it's pretty tough to get around up here without a car. 

We advise train travelers to ride Amtrak as far as Albany, NY or Rutland, VT, where they should be able to find a rental car.  There is also a bus from Albany to Manchester, VT, which is about 25 minutes from the farm.  

Travelers from New York City may also take the Metro North to Poughkeepsie, NY, where they will likely find rental cars for more reasonable prices than within the city limits.  

By Car: 

Navigation apps should get you there, but please note that most cell carriers get limited signal in our area, so take a look at your route ahead of time.  

• 4 hours from New York City
• 3 hours from Boston
• 2 hours from Burlington, VT
• 1 hour from Albany, NY
•1 hour from Rutland, VT


at the farm

Our grounds are open to the public for exploring and picnicking.

Our farm store is closed for the season, but our next-door neighbors Wayward Goose Farm keep a pretty well-stocked shop.

For the health and safety of our animals and customers, we can't offer public tours of the barn or cheesemaking facilities.  

where to stay

We'll soon be ready to host you ourselves at two on-farm AirBnB houses.  Until then, our friends at the Dorset Inn and the Marble West Inn would be happy to open their doors to you. 

Also, you could try searching for West Pawlet, VT on AirBnB, where many of our neighbors have opened their homes to visitors.    

What to Do

We're putting together a list of activities, dining, and hiking near the farm. Granville and Salem New York are the nearest spots for food, gas and amenities.  Manchester and Dorset VT are great to visit as well, both with plenty of dining options.